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Celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s Most Beloved Poet, Robert Burns
Enjoy a taste of the Highlands THURSDAY 1/25 thru SUNDAY 1/28
Regular Menu Also Served

Robbie Burns Supper

Smoked Scottish Salmon

Served with toast points, capers, tomato, egg, red onion and cream cheese, dill scallion sauce


Scotch Eggs

Hard boiled eggs wrapped in pork sausage and breadcrumbs, baked and served with tangy mustard sauce


Scotch Broth

A savory lamb & veggie brew with bits of barley added for sustenance

$6 cup; $9 bowl

Cottage Pie

Savory beef, root veggies and baby peas baked in a casserole under a blanket of golden browned duchess mashed potatoes


Finnan Haddie

Smoked haddock poached in a buttery cream sauce with fresh herbs, veggies, a pinch of dry mustard & baby potatoes


Bangers & Mash

Scottish sausage links served with baked beans, veggies and mashed potatoes


Shepherd of the Sea

Shrimp and Scallops in rich lobster cream sauce with rosettes of duchess potatoes


"Mock Haggis"

Our tasty lamb meatloaf is the perfect "Mock-Up" of this traditional "BURNS DAY SUPPER" served with pan gravy, baked beans, veggies and mashed potatoes


“Toast to the Haggis”

Be the for the Cermonial Bagpipers and reading of the traditional Robbie Burns’ Toaat
Immediately following join in for a raucous Sing Along of
“Auld Lang Syne”
Robbie Burns’ most cherished composition, written in 1788.